How To Fill A Pinata For Adults

How To Fill A Pinata For Adults

Pinatas should be a must in adult parties. In addition to trying to relieve stress when breaking the pinata, adults are also entitled to push each other about like when they were children to get some of its precious contents. At, we give some guidance on how to fill a pinata for adults so you get the greatest possible enthusiasm from your guests.


Steps to follow:

Just because this is a piñata for adults it doesn't mean you should give up on sweets as a pinata filling. It will be fun to find, when the pinata breaks, the same sweets that children get.


So you can add snacks like small bags of crisps and other goodies like gummy bears, bags of jelly beans or candies, chocolates and other sweets.


And in this expression of children's activities in adult contexts, vintage toys like yo-yos should not be missing. You can make use of the pinata prizes to later do a championship to find the best player in each of the prized disciplines.You might not be as good at these games as when you were a child but at least you can laugh at your attempts to become the best.

You can get some ideas from our article DIY party games for adults.


But still, being a pinata for adults the possibilities to fill the pinata are open: you can include small gourmet delights such as flavored chocolates, luxury biscuits or more elaborate sweets or homemade jelly sugar candy.


Another set of basic elements are accessories that will create a party mood. You can include Hawaiian style necklaces, ideal for Hawaiian themed parties or necklaces with beads, streamers, balloons, giant glasses and confetti.



Including alcoholic beverages may be a good idea, but you have to do this in a 'non-traditional' way. Remember that the bottles will break as the pinata opens. As an alternative measure can either include liquor in a homemade jelly beans recipe (and give out, for example, gin and tonic jelly beans) or fill with your favorite drinks small plastic bottles which will resist the fall.


Pinatas for adults are also a good idea for hen parties. For these occasions you can fill it with candy or small erotic toys or use it as a first step on which to develop games and activities for the hen party, by including clues or game instructions in the pinata.

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