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How to dress up as the Wise Man Melchior

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to dress up as the Wise Man Melchior

To create a Magi costume, you just need motivation, eagerness and imagination. Each of the Three Wise Men has differentiated physical traits that are the ones you enhance to define your costume of either Melchior, Caspar or Balthazar. Think of King Melchior and from there play with colours, fantasy and magic... It is very easy. At OneHowTo.com we share some tips from which you can create a Melchior costume.

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Steps to follow:


For starters you need a costume that is big. Best if it is formed of long trousers reaching the ankles (can be gathered at this point) and a very wide shirt with loose long sleeves. Some glossy colourful fabrics to to fill the costume with happiness.


Some cloth shoes, maybe from the same fabric as the suit, with pointy ends will look great. Similarly, some black or white gloves, tight and made of cotton, will serve as the essential accessory to your costume.


A double cape is necessary in this case: the first should be long to the feet, the same colour as the dress or any colour that goes well and does not clash. On top of this one add a short cape which only cover the shoulders, if you like it go for a white and fluffy one with black spots. This will give a further regal effect to your costume.


Beards are necessary and if possible also some white eyebrows. The beard must be long because it is the physical trait that distinguishes and characterises King Melchior.


For your head you can use a golden crown or turban to give such effect. With golden colours if possible.


You can also see here how to draw the Magi so you can decorate your home or have the kids colour it in.

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  • Bright, cheerful and shiny colours.
  • Long and very wide clothes.
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How to dress up as the Wise Man Melchior