How to Dress up as a Rock Star for a Party

How to Dress up as a Rock Star for a Party

If you are looking for a great idea for a DIY Halloween fancy dress, the rock star costume look is undoubtedly one of the best options. This costume can be made with items you have at home without the need to spend too much money, so it is a great option for Halloween or Carnival or any costume party. Don't you know where to start with this costume? Do not worry, in oneHOWTO we explain how to dress up as a rock star for a party in simple steps.

Steps to follow:

Each decade in which rock has existed has been marked by a particular style, but certainly the 80s has been among the most iconic, so the rock star costume we propose is from this decade because it is a fun look that you can play around with.


To make your homemade rock star costume you need some leggings, preferably printed with motifs like animal prints or stripes. You can also choose single color leggings, playing with colors from that period such as fluorescent colors.

If you do not have any leggings that have these characteristics you can go for either black tights or stockings with some holes in them to give a more rock star style to your costume.


If you have chosen some leggings that have very colorful prints then you can choose a simple rock star style shirt to match your costume. We recommend a sleeveless shirt with a phrase or an iconic image that works with your costume, such as a guitar, a crucifix, a rose, the name of a famous band, etc. You can also rip the t-shirt a bit or cut off the sleeves for a more edgy rock star look.


For those who wish to dress up as a rock star but with a glam-rock style, the best alternative is a layers skirt in a ballet tutu style. These were one of the hallmarks of many women rockers of the 1980s, so they are a great addition to this homemade costume. If you have one at home do not hesitate to add it to your costume.


For shoes, black boots will do or some colorful heels with a pointed end if you want a glam rocker costume.

But the real key to this rock star party costume is in the details, which start with the hair. You can opt for a rocker wig or fix your hair to have that style so unique to the 80s rock stars. Stir your hair a bit and add a tulle bow or a printed bandanna for a more similar touch to that of the time.

For your rock star make up, apply heavily to your eyes with colors like black or pink, or go a step further and draw a star around your eye to add a fun touch to your look. Bold colored lipstick will also give you more of an attitude, so you can wear black lipstick or smudged rouge too.


Final touches to make your rock star costume look great are an inflatable guitar for a more comical costume, or even a children's guitar if you want to look a little bit more serious in your rock star costume. For the party, make sure you put on plenty of necklaces or bracelets that match the outfit you have chosen.

Ready! you have your rocker costume for Halloween or carnival party in a few minutes with many elements that you can find at home. The finishing result? It can be similar to this image. Enjoy your costume party and remember to keep the rock star attitude going overnight.


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