How to Dress like Donald Trump - Halloween & Carnival Costume

By Max. D Gray. February 22, 2017
How to Dress like Donald Trump - Halloween & Carnival Costume

Carnival and Halloween are the most fun days of the year. Both kids and adults dress up in their costume of choice with the aim to highlight the character's main features, trying to be fun and original. Since Halloween is becoming more and more popular with adults every year, these seek costumes of celebrities and people of interest instead of fairy tale and superhero characters.

If there is a character that is the height of popularity nowadays it's Donald Trump, the latest president of the United States, whom makes the news every single day due to his statements and actions as candidate and president. If you want to know how to dress like Donald Trump for Halloween or Carnival, keep on reading this oneHOWTO article and follow this step by step guide.

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Steps to follow:

In actual fact, it's a pretty easy costume, as it requires attire basically everybody can find in their own home, though Donald Trump's physical characteristics and recognizable gestures and mannerisms make this a perfect costume to wear in Halloween and Carnival.

First of all, to make this costume you'll need a navy blue suit, a white shirt and a red tie. We have chosen these colors as these are those that Donald Trump wears regularly, but you can also wear any other suit, you'll look just as authentic.

Something that is important to make the costume more real is the filling, whether it's natural or not. Donald Trump is an old, bulky man, and is slightly overweight, which is why you can add some cushions under the shirt to simulate a belly if you are a very thin person.

How to Dress like Donald Trump - Halloween & Carnival Costume - Step 1

If there is a feature that characterizes the American president is his blonde hair. You can purchase a Donald Trump styled wig, this will be the only investment you'll need to make for this costume, unless you have one at home or have longish hair, in which case you can use yellow hairspray to temporarily dye it and comb it to the side.

How to Dress like Donald Trump - Halloween & Carnival Costume - Step 2

Though you can also purchase a Donald Trump mask (you can get amazing full on masks too), at oneHOWTO we think it's more fun to use our own hands to create the look. In this case, applying makeup to look like Donald Trump will be the icing on the cake, it will make the costume more real if you're not wearing a mask.

As you'll have noticed, the North-American tycoon uses colorful and highlighted makeup, which is pretty easy to mimic:

  • If you are fair skinned, you only need to apply orange-tinged makeup throughout the whole face, except around the eyes and the surrounding area, as if you'd gone skiing or were wearing a sleeping mask.
  • If you have darker skin, you should apply a very light makeup foundation beforehand. Then, apply the orange powdered makeup to it can contrast with the skin.

To finish up your Donald Trump costume you can add certain small details that will make your costume more realistic.

Among these details, we recommend you add a pin with the USA's flag or pins from his campaign election with the motto "Vote Trump".

Another element that will make you look like Donald Trump is a red or white baseball cap reading "Make America Great Again", you can either purchase one online or make one with fabric felt pens.


A Halloween costume is not only a dress and wig, dressing up is also about blending in with the character, adopting his postures, mannerisms and attitude. The good thing about Donald Trump is that he has a big personality and a savoir faire that is so characteristic that he becomes the perfect target for imitation and parody, something you can learn if you want to be the star of the party.

If you look closely, his facial expressions and movements are highly identifiable. He's constantly frowning, as if the sun was hitting his face, whilst when he talks he protrudes his lips.

He also moves his arms around excessively while talking, stretching his arms and pointing at the listener with his index finger.

If you're going to greet people at the Halloween party, imitate Trump's handshake. He firmly holds the hand of his counterpart and pulls the arm towards him, while patting his hand with his loose hand.


How to Dress like Donald Trump - Halloween & Carnival Costume - Step 5

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How to Dress like Donald Trump - Halloween & Carnival Costume
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How to Dress like Donald Trump - Halloween & Carnival Costume

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