How to Do Fake Wound Makeup Step by Step

How to Do Fake Wound Makeup Step by Step

Does your halloween costume need the perfect makeup touch? Maybe you're looking to surprise your friends at a party or scare someone you know.To some it may seem that creating a fake wound is only for FX makeup specialists, but it's not that hard if you have the right material! If you want to learn how to do fake wound makeup then follow our step by step tutorial and leave everyone amazed!

Steps to follow:

The first thing you'll need to do in order to do your fake wound makeup is to gather all the material. You'll need:

  • Fake skin
  • Vaseline
  • Tweezers
  • Makeup powder
  • Tissue or toilet paper
  • Fake blood/ red liquid face paint
  • Black, yellow, red and purple shadows.
  • Sponge or paint brush

The first step to create your fake wound is to mold your desired amount of fake skin in your hand. Apply Vaseline with your finger to make sure it doesn't stick. Make sure to mold it into a flat-like shape.


Stick it on the desired part of your face by adding some Vaseline to the rear part of your tweezers so the border of the skin sticks to the face properly. Make sure the fake skin doesn't tare, as it's very delicate material.


Use the makeup powder to tint the wound. This will take the stickiness off the skin. Make sure you use the right tone to match your skin.


With a sharp object such as the tip of the tweezers, open a slit in the fake skin so it looks like the flesh is wounded. Make sure it doesn't come off or rip!


Use a piece of toilet paper or tissue to create a small ball to fit in the wound. Dip it in the fake blood and use the tweezers to apply the piece of paper on the wound to fake a blood clot.


Use dark eyeshadow for a more realistic blood clot. Apply the shadow on top of the blood.


If you want to fake a bruise around the wound use red, purple and black shadow to get the perfect color. For a more realistic effect, also apply yellow on the outside.


For the perfect finsih, mix the blood with black shadow and dab it with a sponge or brush to create splats of blood! If you use a sponge, drag it down the face lightly to create a blood scratch.


You now have your amazing fake wound makeup, perfect for Halloween! You can use it with a Chucky costume or pirate costume.

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