How To Decorate Your Home For Christmas Following Feng Shui

How To Decorate Your Home For Christmas Following Feng Shui

The holiday season can unfortunately be quite a stressful time so its important to find time and space to relax. But how can this be affected by your Christmas decorations at home? By decorating rooms and spaces in your home following Feng Shui design philosophy.

By following Feng Shui principles when decorating your home for Christmas, you'll surprise your guests as well as creating a special atmosphere, willing to attract positive energy on these special days. Take a look at the following tips on how to decorate your home for Christmas according to Feng Shui.

Steps to follow:

Decorate your home entrance

According to Feng Shui the entrance of our home is "the Chi's mouth", in other words, the biggest entrance to attract positive energy into our homes, and at Christmas, we should boost its appeal by decorating the entrance door with a Christmas wreath made out of pine cones and pine branches as well as golden and red details. To attract prosperity and happiness, you can also lighten up the entrance of the house on these festive dates with decorative Christmas lights.


Feng Shui colors for Christmas

Feng Shui centers decoration in incorporating natural elements such as fire, water, earth, wood and metal. It includes green and red Christmas decorations, as the symbols of wood and fire, and combines them with golden and silver tones to represent metal, brown for wood and some blue tones symbolizing water. Including all these colors in our Feng Shui Christmas decorations will attract prosperity, abundancy and calm to our home.


Feng Shui Christmas Tree Placement

Of course, we couldn't forget the traditional Christmas tree, the best-known symbol of the wooden elements, and the representation of family growth and vitality. The ideal is to choose a green pine tree, but what is really important is its position within your home. Place it in the east or south east area of your living room to boost harmony and health for all your family. Above all, decorate it with decorative elements that follow the Feng Shui colors mentioned above for a Feng Shui Christmas.


Christmas table

The central table at home is a place of reunion for all the family for these Christmas celebrations, that's why Feng Shui is also relevant to the decoration of this area, a symbol of peace and positive energy. A Feng Shui Christmas centerpiece with apples, candles and red and white flowers is an essential element of your Feng Shui Christmas decoration.


Candles & essential oils

Last but not least, fill your home with appealing scents and fragrances to decorate your home for Christmas, following Feng Shui rules. Use scented candles and use essential oils that you like to create a more cosy atmosphere. Lavender, cinnamon, lemon or geranium are excellent to boost positive energy. Now you just have to sit back and relax, enjoying the positive and peaceful atmosphere your Feng Shui Christmas decorations have created.


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