How To Decorate Your Dining Table For Christmas

By Max. D Gray. Updated: August 31, 2020
How To Decorate Your Dining Table For Christmas

The Christmas dinner is the time to share with your loved ones in an atmosphere of harmony and joy. During this period all the details matter and if this year you will host Christmas dinner, remember that the decoration you choose is almost as important as the food you serve, so we give you some tips and original ideas on how to decorate your dining table for Christmas.

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Steps to follow:

The first step to decorate your Christmas dining table is to choose a nice tablecloth for the table, always preferring bright colors. If you do not have a tablecloth with Christmas patterns, you can always choose three options, either use a white one that is elegant and gives color to the table with decorative elements, or using one red and one green tablecloth, typical tones for this season, so even without patterns it shall be in line with the celebration. Remember to iron the tablecloth to make it look perfect.

How To Decorate Your Dining Table For Christmas - Step 1

As for the crockery use the things you keep for special occasions, if you don't have anything special we suggest you buy a set, because it is always good to have a more elegant set of dishes for certain celebrations. The cutlery should be placed in order, the furthest from the plate are used first, forks to the left of the plate and knives and spoons to the right except when the fork is placed to be used for a starter, if this is the case, the fork is placed on the right, in the case of dessert cutlery, these are placed perpendicular to the plate. The knife blades always face inward towards the dish.

How To Decorate Your Dining Table For Christmas - Step 2

Distribution of the glasses is as follows: the right is for the wine and water to the left, if you have red wine and white wine, glasses located next to each other. For this occasion you can choose paper napkins, currently there are some very smart choices in gold or silver and other colours with Christmas themes; fold them and to taste and place them on the left of the plate or above it but not in the glasses.

If you only have plain napkins you can also make your own Christmas tree napkin rings to give them a more festive touch.

How To Decorate Your Dining Table For Christmas - Step 3

The centerpiece, so important in Christmas dining table decoration, should not exceed 30cm in height, so as not to interfere with visibility. If the table is too long you can put two centerpieces on it, but remember that if it comes to candles you should avoid having smelly ones so that they do not bother your guests when they light them. If you are looking for some ideas for a home centerpiece and beautiful table, check out our article on how to make your own DIY Christmas centerpieces.

How To Decorate Your Dining Table For Christmas - Step 4

If you have a smaller table in the living area, or you have a good space for one, you can create a separate area for desserts, a small table decorated on which to put all the desserts of the night. For this space you can involve younger members of the family and leave decoration up to them, that way they will be joining in with the activities scheduled for that day making them feel like active participants in the festivities.

How To Decorate Your Dining Table For Christmas - Step 5

With regard to colors to decorate your dining table decorations for Christmas it all depends on the overall decor of the house, if you have chosen a more modern decor, perhaps a table in which the colors gold, silver and white prevail will come in handy. If you are more traditional choose greens, reds and golds, and if you want to be a trendsetter, blue will be a favorite this year.


If you want to stay tuned to the latest trends in Christmas decorations for this year, take a look at this year's trends in Christmas decorations so you can decorate every single corner of your house such as your balcony and garden!

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  • If you are hosting Christmas Eve dinner, do not leave the table decoration until last minute, plan it early so you can think about what to do and buy what you might require.
  • It is normal to want everything to be perfect, but it is important to involve the whole family in the decoration, especially the little ones, so that they feel involved in this tradition

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How To Decorate Your Dining Table For Christmas
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How To Decorate Your Dining Table For Christmas

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