How to Decorate Wine Glasses and Champagne Flutes for Christmas

How to Decorate Wine Glasses and Champagne Flutes for Christmas

One of the most beloved traditions in special dinners and holiday events is giving a toast and clinking wine or champagne glasses together. This is often done for Christmas, when many people have gatherings with their nearest and dearest over fancy food and good wine or champagne.

Beautiful crystal glasses are a major item in Christmas dinners, and many people keep their best stemware for this special occasion. Do you want to update your glassware this year? You can purchase new expensive wine glasses or champagne flutes, but you can save that money by recycling your old ones and transforming them with this simple DIY craft.

Stay with us at oneHOWTO and learn how to decorate wine glasses and champagne flutes for Christmas; it's simple and cheap, and it will make your Christmas table look much more elegant!

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

The first step to decorate wine glasses and champagne flutes for Christmas is to get the glassware and give it a thorough cleaning; you don't want them to have any dust when you start this easy DIY craft.

Hold the glass and stick a piece of tape around it. Have fun with the design: Make different designs for each glass so that each of them is unique to the guest that drinks from it.

You can also adapt this craft to any other occasion or special event; why not come up with different glassware for every season?


In order to avoid paint drips in your decorated Christmas glasses and flutes, make sure that the tape is fixed well to the glass.


After you have checked the tape, cover the rest of the glass with a piece of plastic. Do not forget that the parts of the glass that you do not cover is what will be painted.


Before starting to paint the Christmas decorations, finish the designs on all the wine glasses and champagne flutes. It's best if you make all the designs first and then paint them all together in order to save time and let the decorated Christmas glasses dry all together.


Now it's time to paint the decorated Christmas glasses and flutes with spray paint. The classic Christmas palette is red and green, but we recommend making Christmas decorations in shiny or matte metallic colors - gold, silver or copper - so that they look more elegant and can be reused throughout the year.


Apply two or three coats of paint per glass to get a strong and well-defined color.


When you're done let the decorated Christmas glasses dry thoroughly for at least 3 or 4 hours without touching to check if the paint has dried.


Finally, remove the tape and plastic to unveil your beautiful decorated Christmas glasses!


You now have a beautiful new wine glasses and champagne flutes to dress up your holiday events. Cheers and merry Christmas!

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