How to Decorate for a Wedding at Home: Tips and Ideas for an Affordable Event

How to Decorate for a Wedding at Home: Tips and Ideas for an Affordable Event
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More and more couples decide to leave behind the traditional church or town hall wedding and instead choose to host their wedding at home with only closest friends and family. Holding your wedding at home is a practical and affordable idea, and it makes the event even more personal. Another benefit is that the decoration is easier to choose, as you know the wedding venue perfectly. However, holding your wedding at home involves more effort from the decorator - that is, you.

With a little imagination and our tips and ideas for an affordable event you'll discover how to decorate for a wedding at home elegantly while on a budget. Stay with us at oneHOWTO!

How to decorate the entrance for a wedding at home

It is always important to give a good welcome to your guests and what better than to decorate the entrance of the wedding venue - that is, your home - properly. It's a great idea to place a sign with a welcoming message for the guests; classic chalk on a small blackboard will do.

Flowers wreaths can be elegant and cheerful at once; here you can find more ideas for decorating with flowers. If you're on a budget and flowers are too expensive, leaf wreaths (of bay, cedar, maple, olive, lemon, etc) also add beautiful colors and textures.

Another affordable option if you do not want to order flowers from a florist is going to the countryside to gather wildflowers. You can also make a DIY flower wreath with paper or fabric if you're into crafts.

How to decorate the corridors and hall for a wedding at home

If in addition to the banquet you're going to hold the ceremony at home - for instance in the garden - the decoration will depend on whether it is a wedding at night or during the day. You also need to consider whether the entire house will be open for the guests or if the wedding will take place in a part of the house.

If the wedding is held in the morning or early afternoon, do your best to make the most of the sunlight. However, if the ceremony is held during the afternoon or evening, the lights will play a very important role. Candles or mood lighting seek to create the right atmosphere depending on the type of ceremony and the number of guests. Uncrowded ceremonies can have a warm and intimate lighting, but even big gatherings will benefit from hanging string fairy lights, lamps and lanterns.

As for the color palette for a wedding, it all depends on your taste. Cheerful and warm shades like gold or orange are perfect for a party, but white and pastels are safe and classic options that will add a touch of elegance and romance to your wedding at home. However, remember that if you hold your wedding at home you will probably be using your own furniture, and that white and pale colors show stains really easily.

A perfectly elegant but simple idea to decorate the corridors for a wedding at home is hanging fabric on the ceiling, draping it. White tulle or linen are the most obvious option, but you can get creative with other colors and fabrics.

As in the entrance, flowers can be a great decorative element for the corridors and hall of your wedding at home. Bowls with petals or bouquets tied with ribbons next to the guests' seats are among the ideas that will add a touch of fanciness to your big day.

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Centerpieces for a wedding at home

Once the wedding ceremony is over and the banquet begins, it's time for the wedding centerpieces to come out and catch everyone's attention.

Fresh flowers are the classic option, and they can be truly stunning. Pink flowers are very typical of weddings, but if your color scheme is based on white and your style is minimalistic you can choose white or yellow flowers with green stalks.

However, fresh, expensive flowers are not mandatory. You can place herbs or wildflowers in old glass vases or bottles, or more affordable plants like succulents in a terrarium. Don't be afraid to try different combinations or to use vases and containers of different sizes and colors - it can give a beautiful boho touch to your wedding.

The table for your wedding banquet can also be dressed up on a budget. Spend some time in thrift stores or furniture rental places looking for colored glassware, which will look instantly fancy, and make your own menu cards. If you know calligraphy, write them by hand; if you don't, you can find easy and free design software in sites like

There's no need for seat covers; what about tying a ribbon in the back of the chairs? If you use different colors, it will help guests find their places.

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Other details and tips for an affordable wedding at home

Decorating for a wedding at home is not just about decorating the tables and the different areas where the guests will be. You also have to think about the small details that make all the difference in this kind of events, like the gifts that the couple usually gives to the attendees.

Gifts for guests with an artisanal or vintage touch look more personal and elegant, and they are perfectly suitable for a home wedding. For instance, you can offer your guests a small brass or cardboard box decorated with cloth and tape with a little memento inside, like in the picture.

Instead of a guest book and cards with seating assignments, you can use your walls. Hang a blackboard or bulletin board where people can leave messages and find their way around. Don't forget to have chalk or pens at hand!

Other practical and important tips to decorate for a wedding at home include:

  • If you're planning on holding the wedding in your garden or backyard, have a backup indoors option in case it rains.
  • Clean the house thoroughly before starting to put up the decorations.
  • Place the wedding decorations the day before at the latest.
  • Delegate responsibilities. Even if the wedding takes place in your home, your friends and family can help with the decoration or the food.
  • Put up old pictures as decoration. Your loved ones will remember all your great times together, and they will make coming up with anecdotes much easier.

These are our tips on how to decorate for a wedding at home with tips and ideas for an affordable event.

Do you have experiences to share? Tell us all in the comments section!

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