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How to Decorate for a Hawaiian Party

Alice T Breeze
By Alice T Breeze. Updated: October 6, 2017
How to Decorate for a Hawaiian Party

As winter slowly fades away, we usually feel like organizing parties to spend more time with our friends and make the most of the weekends. Themed parties are an original and fun idea if you don't want to host just a regular party. Plus, we all like a bit of dressing up every now and then! This is also a great idea if you're planning a birthday party for children or teens too. That's why oneHOWTO would like to give you a few tips on how to decorate for a Hawaiian party and really pull off a fantastic event!

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  1. Choose the right location
  2. Choose the right food and decorate it!
  3. Little Hawaiian touches...
  4. Get Tiki with it!
  5. Extra Hawaiian decorations ideas
  6. Don't forget the music!

Choose the right location

Before picking the appropriate Hawaiian decorations, you must decide where you will organize your great Hawaiian party. You can hold the Hawaiian party in your house or, if you have a patio or garden, outside. However always make sure that the venue is spacious to make sure everyone can fit in and socialize. It's unlikely you have your own palm trees so how about getting creative and making some using green and brown cardboard. It will give the party an authentic twist. You can also buy some inflatables that can be used during your party for various fun activities and games. And they are great for decorating your surroundings!

  • If you're having the party outdoors, use Tiki torches to light a path or even around the area where the party is taking place.
  • Decorate walls and floor with Tiki masks and/or statue to get into the Hawaiian. If you feel creative you can even build a Tiki totem out of cardboard.
  • To get the perfect mood, put some Tiki Exotica music on such as Les Baxter's Ritual of the Savage.
How to Decorate for a Hawaiian Party - Choose the right location

Choose the right food and decorate it!

The food or snacks table is one of the most important elements to a Hawaiian themed party. The first thing you can do is line the table with a grass table skirt to give it the perfect Hawaiian touch. Or use a multicolored tablecloth. Remember utensils can function as Hawaiian decorations. Use bright colors for both glasses and plates, don't stick to one single color. You can also find Hawaiian flower-patterned plates.

An original idea is to cut a coconut in half, empty it and use it as a bowl. You can fill it with chips, sauces or even sweets.We recommend a buffet so that everyone can pick and choose what they fancy. Oh! Don't forget to make some piña colada and you can serve them in pineapples to decorate your tables too!

Little Hawaiian touches...

The key to a good themed party is detail, so you can use many Hawaiian symbols for your decorations easily.Fresh flowers always brighten any space perfectly well, so use Hawaiian plants such as white and red Anthurium, Pearflowers, the Coral Creeper or the Bougainvillea.

Use dress elements and accessories to decorate. For example, you can hang several ukuleles around or leave them in strategic places. Plus, you never know if a guest might want to delight you all with his or her ukulele playing skills. You can also use the hula skirt to decorate walls, chairs and even the table.

Colorful paper lanterns will also liven the party, especially if it's taking place at night.

How to Decorate for a Hawaiian Party - Little Hawaiian touches...

Get Tiki with it!

Create a Tiki bar to make the best Hawaiian cocktails. Use a grass table skirt or even bamboo and add a cool sign in a Tiki-inspired font.

You can also serve drinks in Tiki glasses, but if you don't have the budget to buy some, you can also use fruit to create cocktails such as an empty coconut, watermelon, melon... One of the most typical cocktails to make is the mai tai.

What surely can't be missing is a paper umbrella tilting off the glass, so you completely feel like you're in paradise.

How to Decorate for a Hawaiian Party - Get Tiki with it!

Extra Hawaiian decorations ideas

You can go one step further if you want a really professional Hawaiian party. Create a volcano with clay and make it erupt with baking soda and vinegar. Your guests reaction will be amazing and it will give that wow effect to the party.

If you have a swimming pool you can also decorate it with inflatable palm trees, flip flops and even flower petals. Don't have one? Don't worry, an inflatable swimming pool can also do the trick and add a fun element to the party.

Get Hawaiian-style necklaces. You could also go to a fancy dress shop and buy flower necklaces (also called a lei) to distribute among your guests. This will give the final touch to the Hawaiian decorations and ensure your party will be a great success among your friends and guests. Create your DIY Hawaiian costume to make it a genuine Hawaiian party.

How to Decorate for a Hawaiian Party - Extra Hawaiian decorations ideas

Don't forget the music!

Choose the music for the party. It's not just about the Hawaiian decorations. The ambiance is very important in any party, especially a themed party such as this. You want your guests to feel as if they are really in Hawaii, therefore, download some Hawaiian music from the internet and play it in the background whilst you chat, eat and dance. You can find various playlists either on Youtube or even on Spotify if you have an account. Make sure you have the music ready by the time all the guests arrive, it will create a great atmosphere so you can kick your party on a high. Songs with lots of ukuleles in them often connote the Hawaiian style, so finding a playlist with recognizable pop songs played on this instrument will created a Hawaiian style which still has some familiarity.

Make sure to take photos as well. What about some photos? You'll want to remember the event forever, won't you? Arrange a kind of photobooth against one wall. You could create two cardboard figures, of a man and a woman, and dress them in Hawaiian-style clothes. The guests can take photos with these Hawaiian cardboard models. Then, after the party, send your guests the photos so they can remember the fun event forever.

We hope you have a great time with your party guests!

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  • You can think about some ideas of your own too. You can do some reasearch on Tiki culture so you get it right and maybe even find original ideas for your party.
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How to Decorate for a Hawaiian Party