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How To Decorate a Hawaiian Party

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How To Decorate a Hawaiian Party

Everyone loves to spice up their routine from time to time. And what better way to inject a little fun into your week than with a themed party? How about hosting a wonderfully fun and colourful Hawaiian party? In this oneHOWTO article, we'll show you how to decorate a Hawaiian party.

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Choose a place to have a party. Before starting to decorate, you must decide where you will organize your great Hawaiian party. You can hold the Hawaiian party in your house or, if you have a patio or garden, outside. However always make sure that the venue is spacious to make sure everyone can fit in and socialize. It's unlikely you have your own palm trees so how about getting creative and making some using green and brown cardboard. It will give the party an authentic twist. You can also buy some inflatables that can be used during your party for various fun activities and games, as well as being great to decorate your surroundings.


Make colorful posters. As you'll know, Hawaiian parties are always colourful and vibrant. Make a large poster advertising the event and hang it on your door or in your garden. You can create various posters using Hawaiian words in big letter to attract the attention of people, such a Aloha! Remember that the more colorful the party is the better and more fun it will be for your guests.


Use the food you will eat to decorate. Another important factor to take into consideration is the food you'll serve at the party. We recommend a buffet so that everyone can pick and choose what they fancy. Buy multi-coloured tablecloths and use them to decorate the table. Arrange a bouquet of beautiful, eye-catching exotic flowers as a centrepiece. You could use cacti, lilies and orchids, for example. Oh! Don't forget to serve some piña colada and you can serve them in pineapples to decorate your tables too.


Make sure to take photos. What about some photos? You'll want to remember the event forever, won't you? Arrange a kind of photocall against one wall. You could create two cardboard figures, of a man and a woman, and dress them in Hawaiian-style clothes. The guests can take photos with these Hawaiian cardboard models. Then, after the party, send your guests the photos so they can remember the fun event forever.


Choose the music for the party. The ambiance is very important in a party, especially a themed party such as this. You want your guests to feel as if they are really in Hawaii, therefore, download some Hawaiian music from the internet and play it in the background whilst you chat, eat and dance. You can find various playlists either on Youtube or even on Spotify if you have an account. Make sure you have the music ready by the time all the guests arrive, it will create a great atmosphere so you can kick your party on a high. Songs with lots of ukuleles in them often connote the Hawaiian style, so finding a playlist with recognizable pop songs played on this instrument will created a Hawaiian style which still has some familiarity.


Use other small decorations as finishing touches. Brightly coloured balloons, garlands hanging from the ceiling, palm-tree shaped glasses or glasses made from cored pineapple (or other colourful fruit), are all great ideas for your finishing touches at your party, that will help to create a unique atmosphere.


Get Hawaiian-style necklaces. You could also go to a fancy dress shop and buy Hawaiian-style flower necklaces to distribute among your guests. This will give the final touch to your party and will ensure that your party will be a great success among your friends and guests.

Finally you can also create your DIY Hawaiian costume to make it a genuine Hawaiian party. We hope you have a great time with your party and guests!

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How To Decorate a Hawaiian Party
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How To Decorate a Hawaiian Party