How to choose the right hairpiece for a day wedding

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to choose the right hairpiece for a day wedding

Headpieces are ideal accessories that turn a fine simple dress into a glamorous and elegant dress to stand out at any wedding. Still, it is a difficult accessory to combine if we do not have some idea and so despite being a great accessory we often dismiss it and complete our look with more traditional decorations. But with some simple tricks offered to you by OneHowTo on how to choose a wedding hairpiece there will be no problems for you to be daring and stand out by using this lovely complement.

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Steps to follow:

If you have decided to add a touch of glamour to your dress with a nice hairpiece, the main thing is that you try several models to verify that you feel really comfortable with it, that it suits your style and that it is consistent with your personality. Weddings are events where you must look beautiful and be comfortable with yourself, so if you see the hairpiece as something strange on your head for the day it is preferable to discard that option.


Find a model that matches the kind of dress you will be wearing at the ceremony, for example if your dress is simple and without too many frills then you can let the hairpiece be the star of your outfit, but if it is a dress with glitter or rhinestones better choose a more discreet touch. Remember the rule 'less is more' becomes important in your style when attend a wedding. Also, for long dresses minimalist hairpieces are more flattering, without extravagant forms or feathers; the more daring, bold, big designs are ideal to combine with short dresses.


Protocol standards regarding wedding outfits require a certain hairpiece style according to the time of the wedding celebration:

  • In morning weddings, the guests can combine their day dresses with brimmed hats or hairpieces and so you can choose a model that will make you feel most glamorous and attractive.
  • For evening weddings brimmed hats are completely discarded and these are replaced by more discreet hairpieces with soft and simple lines.
  • For the night it is advisable to opt for other types of ornaments such as bright and beautiful brooches, tiaras or hairpins as long gowns do not require excessive ornamentation.

Also, the materials and fabrics of hairpieces vary according to the season: in winter velvet, organza or felt provide a warm feeling and, conversely, for spring and summer weddings more common are light textures such as raffia or lace.


If you have doubts about choosing the colour of the hairpiece thinks that it does not need to be the same colour as the dress, you can afford to innovate and achieve a look which is most impressive with other colours that match your shoes and purse or with a hairpiece that look somewhat similar to the colour of the details on your dress. Still, you should know that hairpieces in light shades suit women with dark brown hair, unlike the blondes that look more beautiful in hairpieces of dark, rich colours.


When your have though about wearing a hairpiece to a wedding the next question question arises: how to style your hair for the occasion and what hairstyles are more suitable? Any hairpiece model is usually more beautiful with a nice up-do or semi-up hairstyle, or, for women with short hair, can wear it with loose hair. Of course, headbands or turban ornaments will make you look more elegant and sexy with your hair down.

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How to choose the right hairpiece for a day wedding
How to choose the right hairpiece for a day wedding

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