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How To Celebrate Christmas as a Couple

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: October 6, 2017
How To Celebrate Christmas as a Couple

If this year you would like to break with tradition and celebrate Christmas as a couple, there are many ideas that you can take inspiration from for a Christmas filled with romance and passion. At oneHOWTO we give you some ideas to celebrate Christmas as a couple ranging from decorating your home and having a romantic dinner to ending the day with some spicy surprises that will reignite the flame in your hearts.

Read our ideas so you know how to celebrate Christmas as a couple and act out your very own love story.

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  1. A couple's Christmas card
  2. Fill your home with Christmas spirit
  3. Cooking together at Christmas
  4. Go on holiday!
  5. Personal gifts
  6. Very intimate surprises

A couple's Christmas card

One of the best ideas to celebrate Christmas as a couple is to give your family and friends a Christmas card with a photo of you both on it. It is a very romantic way to share your love with those closest to you. There are different ways of doing a a couple's Christmas card:

  • For a romantic Christmas card - a good idea if you've been together for a while -you can take a photo of you posing for a kiss, holding hands or in a loving embrace.
  • For a humorous Christmas card - if you are a fun-loving couple- take a photo that is bound to raise a smile, such as, pulling some silly faces or a funny pose.
  • For a traditional Christmas card- if you love getting into the spirit of Christmas-, go for a classic theme of you posing in front of the tree or wearing Santa hats.

In this article you can learn how to make a popup Christmas card or create a Christmas card with Instagram if you're looking for something more informal.

How To Celebrate Christmas as a Couple - A couple's Christmas card

Fill your home with Christmas spirit

Transforming your home with Christmas cheer can be a very fun activity to do as a couple. This doesn't just mean putting up the usual decorations such as the Nativity scene or the tree, but everything: going shopping, deciding what you want to put in your house, how to decorate it, etc.

If the Nativity scene is an essential part of Christmas that cannot be missing from your home then, assembling the nativity scene might be a welcome idea to celebrate Christmas as a couple: decide where to put the shepherds, and the Three Kings can become a fun activity to do with your partner. In this article we show you how to make a Nativity scene in great detail.

The Christmas tree is also a key part of getting your home ready for the festive period. Assembling and decorating the tree is also an ideal activity to do together as a couple and will also create a welcoming, festive feel to your home. At OneHowto we give you ideas to decorate the Christmas tree professionally to make it a special feature in your home.

One idea is to put on some traditional Christmas music or carols while decorating your home, to make this homely special task feel even more Christmassy.

How To Celebrate Christmas as a Couple - Fill your home with Christmas spirit

Cooking together at Christmas

Another idea to celebrate Christmas as a couple is to enjoy a romantic Christmas dinner using the best Christmas dishes including of course stuffed turkey or Mediterranean alternatives such as clams, cannelloni or lamb ribs.

Get yourselves into the kitchen together and cook up a succulent Christmas menu as a starter to a night of wild love. One of the more traditional menus for this time of year is as follows:

  • Starter: Christmas broth
  • Mains: roast stuffed turkey or chicken
  • Dessert: Christmas panettone, a typical Italian Christmas dessert as a good alternative to Christmas pudding. Take a look at 8 delicious ideas for Christmas dessert for more information.
How To Celebrate Christmas as a Couple - Cooking together at Christmas

Go on holiday!

Why not? Although at Christmas, traditionally, you stay with your family, if you want to celebrate Christmas as a couple you can go out on a whim and go away for it. The best Christmas holiday destinations are:

  • New York: where you can admire the enormous Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center.
  • Lapland: the home of Father Christmas
  • London: Trafalgar Square also has a grand Christmas tree and the city is filled with typical Christmas market stalls
  • Paris: the "city of love" is one of the most romantic destinations if you wish to celebrate Christmas as a couple.

If you have decided to go away on a trip, you can also take a look at the top 10 European New Year's Eve destinations.

How To Celebrate Christmas as a Couple - Go on holiday!

Personal gifts

If you would like more ideas to celebrate Christmas as a couple we suggest putting a personal touch to your presents, so we recommend you pick a few Christmas presents that you can make yourself.

For example, one of the best gifts to give your partner is a photo album or collage using your photographs, notes or quotes; it is a very romantic and personnel gift to show your love.

You can also give your partner a CD compiling romantic songs or songs special to you both: a gift perfect to play for a night of love. For more creative ideas for Christmas think of personalized gifts or surprise your partner with a romantic breakfast in bed; these are perfect details to make it an unforgettable Christmas as a couple.

How To Celebrate Christmas as a Couple - Personal gifts

Very intimate surprises

Another idea to celebrate Christmas as a couple is to surprise them in bed, for example, after having a a romantic dinner, give them a sensual massage decorating the room with candles and aphrodisiac scents or surprise them by doing an erotic striptease that they're sure to enjoy.

If you wish to surprise your partner, you can do so with an erotic gift for Christmas: sex toys, erotic novels, lingerie sexy or erotic films are some perfect choices to celebrate a passion-filled Christmas as a couple.

You can make your own Christmas traditions up so you can do them every year, you might even go on with them until you actually have children and pass them on into generations!

How To Celebrate Christmas as a Couple - Very intimate surprises

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