How To Celebrate A Punjabi Wedding

By Nidhi Nangia. February 2, 2017
How To Celebrate A Punjabi Wedding

The Indian state of Punjab is already known for its magnificent nature and extreme gaiety, and Punjabi weddings are certainly no exception. They are lavishly conducted and comprise of lots of lights, food, clothes and dances. Although all of us are fun loving like Punjabis, there is a distinct lavishness about them. To enjoy a wedding at its fullest, they conduct a number of rituals that start several days before the actual wedding day, and sometimes even after that. All in all, Punjabis take weddings as an excuse to have fun and celebrate. Click here to know How Long Is An Indian Wedding Ceremony. Read this oneHOWTO article to know how to celebrate a Punjabi wedding.

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As soon as a Punjabi boy and the girl decide to marry each other, a decision sometimes made by the parents in case of an arranged marriage, a roka/thaka ceremony is conduced through which it is announced that the boy and the girl have chosen their soul mates and that they will no longer look for a partner from now on.

How To Celebrate A Punjabi Wedding - Roka/thaka

The sagai or engagement

Engagement is usually held around 10 days before the weddin, typically arranged by the boy’s family. In this case, the girl’s family visits the boy’s selected venue and brings him lavish gifts of fruits, dry fruits, sweets, vessels, decorated coconut, tikka and money. In return, the girl is offered a chunri, some jewelry and other gifts. A tiny mark of henna is applied on her palm as a sign of good luck. To end with, rings are exchanged and families are congratulated.


After the engagement, the girl’s family arranges a sangeet ceremony in which close family members and friends are invited. Dholki is played, songs are sung and there are lots of dances held to bless the girl. These days, people hire DJs and live bands too to have more fun during these sangeet functions.

Mehendi di raat

Mehendi di raat is conducted in the boy and the girl’s respective homes the night before the wedding day. Henna is applied on the feet and hands of the bride and the groom. These days, mehendi di raat is also conducted in a joint venue to have some fun together.

How To Celebrate A Punjabi Wedding - Mehendi di raat

Pre-wedding rituals

In the morning, turmeric paste is applied on the hands, legs and face of the bride to beautify her skin and give her a natural glow. Then after a bath, she is made to wear white and red ivory bangles known as chura. Then kaliras are tied to signify blessings and good wishes. By the afternoon, the bride is sent to the beauty parlor to have lavish makeup applied. In the evening, the groom’s mother ties a veil of flowers on her son’s head as a sehra. Then he sits on a mare and heads off to fetch the bride.

The wedding

The family of the bride waits at the venue gate to welcome the groom’s family. There are lots of dancing in Punjabi wedding baraats. As soon as they reach the venue, they are embraced by the bride’s family members, and milni is performed. Then the garlands are exchanged between the bride and the groom, which is usually an event of great joy and fun. Then after the dinner, pheras are conducted usually in the witness of close family members. There are seven pheras, each one signifying a particular promise that the couple makes to each other. To end with, the groom fills red sindoor in the bride’s hair parting, signifying that she is married now.


Once the bride reaches the groom's house, the boy's family conducts a reception party to welcome the girl in the new setting. After that, the couple goes out for a honeymoon, where they get some free time to get comfortable with each other.

How To Celebrate A Punjabi Wedding - Reception

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How To Celebrate A Punjabi Wedding
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How To Celebrate A Punjabi Wedding

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