How To Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary In India

How To Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary In India

Your golden jubilee is a precious milestone to celebrate 50 years together. There is every reason to celebrate this significant occasion with family and friends. In India, a man and woman that marry stay together until their last breath. So, there will be one 50th anniversary in every family each year. We have already told you how to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary party, but Indian parties are something special. Here at oneHOWTO, we will now show you how to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary in India.

Arranging the party

Typically, a 25th anniversary party is thrown by the couple itself, but the 50th anniversary is arranged by their sons and daughters. If their children are too young to make arrangements, then adult siblings, friends and family members may help organize. As the party is going to be dedicated to the couple, there should be many members to take responsibility of individual tasks that they can perform with expertise.

Prepare the bride

Whether it is the wedding itself or the 50th anniversary, an Indian bride is pampered and treated as a queen by her loved ones. After all, she is going to be the center of attention. She may wear her original bridal lehenga and jewelry, or buy a new one as per the latest fashion. The henna night may also be arranged a night before the anniversary, in which mehndi is applied on the palms and feet of the bride, and also other ladies in the party.

Prepare the groom

The groom will be the second center of attention in the 50th anniversary celebration. He may wear his original wedding suit or sherwani, or buy a new one. He may also hold a cocktail party a night before the anniversary celebration, just as he did for the original wedding.

Here we give you some male outfits ideas.

Vow renewal

After 50 years of the wedding, it is time to renew the vows they took 50 years ago. Friends and family may gather at a temple or a private location, and share their blessings. The bride and the groom will place flower garlands around each other’s necks, take 7 rounds around the holy fire, and renew the promises they made to each other 50 years ago. They may exchange rings or buy gifts for each other, as per their preferences and budget.

The feast

After the ceremonies are over, it’s time for the festive meal. Elaborate meals may be prepared, and a dancing platform may be setup where all may dance to the beats. Songs that were popular at the time the couple got married can be played, and the bride and groom can be invited to dance.

A 50th wedding anniversary is the time when the couple can have great time being together and celebrate with their loved ones. They will have children and grandchildren around, and nothing can be more blissful than this moment.

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