How Should a Man Dress for a Formal Wedding

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How Should a Man Dress for a Formal Wedding

The way a man should dress for a formal wedding sounds easy to say: a suit. Actually, it is not that easy at all. If you have a wedding you've been invited to shortly, you should be thinking about what to wear on that day and what clothes look better on you to look elegant. Although sometimes we believe that choosing a man's suit for a wedding is easy, we must also take into account a series of factors such as the most appropriate look for the occasion. would like to help you with some tricks on how a man should dress for a formal wedding. Follow them and become the most glamorous guy at the wedding.

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Steps to follow:

Finding the perfect suit for a formal wedding can be quite complicated, so the first thing you should do is to think about the kind of wedding, season, and time of day the ceremony will be taking place so you make the right choice. Above all, check the wedding invitation, the bride and groom have probably already included a specific dress code for guests, so you can follow them accordingly.


The standard suit a man should wear at a formal wedding is a Taylor fit jacket, with a tie or bow tie, according to your preferences. If it's a traditional ceremony and you have an important role that day such as the best man or witness, you should wear a morning suit, the classic attire for the ceremony. The guests can only wear a morning suit when the groom does so, because the most formal person at the wedding must be its groom.

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For day weddings, the best option is to wear light tones such as blue or grey, or even more neutral colors such as beige or toasted color. These two are very flattering and comfortable for ceremonies on the beach or open spaces, as they're more fresh and don't absorb as much heat.


However, for afternoon-night weddings, clear colors are totally out of the picture, giving way to those dark, more elegant and sophisticated tones such as black, dark blue or charcoal. Moreover, it's a good opportunity to dress smarter with a nice smoking, characterized by its silk flaps or bright satin, which looks really good for this kind of formal event.


The tie is a central element in a man's suit. Choose the type according to the style of suit so they can combine with the shirt you're going to wear too. The key is to create a balanced look and not to mix colors or patterns. If you want to have a more fun look, combine a white shirt with a more colorful tie or with patterns.

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You can't forget other important details such as shoes that should combine with the color of the suit, although a safe bet are black lace shoes or in a coffee tone for light blue or beige suits. Make sure your shoes are shiny and clean for that day, dirty shoes can ruin your whole look.


Last but not least, complete your look with accessories such as a belt, a handkerchief in the jaquet pocket, a modern watch ... They're details that make a difference in a man's suit for a formal wedding.

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How Should a Man Dress for a Formal Wedding
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How Should a Man Dress for a Formal Wedding

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