Homemade Exorcist Girl Costume for Halloween - DIY Guide

Homemade Exorcist Girl Costume for Halloween - DIY Guide

The character of Regan McNeil, the little girl from the exorcist has become one of the most famous characters in the history of cinema, and actress Linda Blair will forever be associated with this famous horror character. As one of the most terrifying characters in the history of horror, its also a great idea for a character fancy dress costume.

If you want your costume to turn heads this Halloween then follow these simple steps and create your own exorcist girl costume.

Steps to follow:

First you need a plain dressing gown, it should ideally be white with very few or no decoration or branding - the more plain the better! Remember it should be a plain style just like in the film - the older and more granny-ish the better! see the photo to give you a rough idea!


The key to this costume is without doubt the makeup. Paint your face with a plain white base layer, which you will be able to find in any fancy dress shop. You could also use foundation which is lighter than your natural skin tone.


Next you will need to draw your eyes. With a brown eyeliner pencil and eyeshadow you can give yourself the baggy, ringed eyes of the girl from the exorcist. Use your finger to smudge the makeup and give a more natural authentic appearance.


Next you will need to spend some time creating the scars of the girl from the exorcist - an essential part to this Halloween costume.

If you aren't the most talented make-up artist you can buy them in your local costume shop and stick them to your face. But if you fancy yourself as a talented makeup artist then you can follow our guide on doing fake wound make up.


Now mess your hair up, you can use a comb and turn your head upside down to give you a tangled look and make you stand out as Linda Blair, the actor who played the little girl in the exorcist.


If you want to add an even more dramatic effect to your costume, buy yourself some special black contact lenses, or very green coloured ones just like the girl in the exorcist. Why not go the whole way, add some black marks on your teeth and even act a little bit possessed!

So there you have it, all the steps you need to create the authentic look of Linda Blair, the girl from the exorcist - the perfect Halloween costume!

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  • Try to reproduce the exact look of the girl from the exorcist
  • Have fun while you do your makeup, after all Halloween is a celebration which is all about having fun!