Fun Christmas Games To Play With Family

By Ameera Mills. Updated: December 20, 2018
Fun Christmas Games To Play With Family

Not only is Christmas dinner a great time to socialize with family and friends but it is also a time for fun and games! Sometimes one needs to liven up their Christmas dinners, and we know just the way to do this.

Luckily, there are many fun games that can be played at a Christmas dinner. Are you hosting a Christmas dinner and need some entertainment? For more, keep reading this oneHOWTO article on the best Christmas games to play atChristmas dinner!


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Christmas game: sleeping wolf

Known as one of the best Christmas games to date, you can play this game using only a pen and paper.

What is the game?

This is a role playing game. First, the host of the game needs to write one of the characters (below) on each piece of paper, separately. Make sure each character is included and then fold the papers and place them into a container.

The wolf or wolves: they can be up to 2 or 3, depending on the number of people at the Christmas dinner table.
The town: the great majority.
The hunter: this person who is trying to catch the wolf.
The narrator: this will be the person in charge of giving orders.

If you like, you can also add additional characters to this Christmas game. For example: the witch, who can resurrect and kill someone only once, or the girl, who can see everything.

The rules of the game

Once the roles are distributed, the game begins:

1.To start the game, the narrator will have to say "the people are asleep". At that time, all participants should close their eyes, including the wolf and the hunter.
2. After that, the narrator will say "the wolf wakes up". Next, the wolf opens its eyes and must point to someone. The person indicated will be dead instantly without yet knowing it . Then, the narrator will say "the wolf sleeps," and he closes his eyes again. If there is more than one wolf, there will be more than one death.
3. Later, the narrator will wake the hunter "the hunter wakes up". The hunter will open their eyes and point to who they think the wolf or wolves are. The narrator will inform the hunter by shaking their yes/no. If the hunter is incorrect, the narrator will command again "the hunter back to sleep".
4. Then, the narrator will say "everyone wakes up except ..." those that have been killed. At that time, a consensus should be generated and everyone should decide who the wolf is. If they fail, the game goes ahead and step number 1 is repeated.

The game ends when the wolf or wolves are caught. For more, take a look at fun Christmas activities to do with the family.

Fun Christmas Games To Play With Family - Christmas game: sleeping wolf

Christmas game for adults: who am I?

"Who am I " is another great classic Christmas game, and one of our favorite games for Christmas dinners. It can be played in two ways: either imitating someone at the Christmas dinner or imitating a famous character.

How to play

Suppose you've decided to play by imitating each other:

1.The names of all the participants will be written on papers that, later, will be folded and put in a container.
2.The papers are distributed. If someone has received their own name put the paper back in the container and take another.
3. From that moment on, you will imitate the person on your paper. Have fun and use your imagination!
4. As the game progresses, the rest of the audience will have to decide who you are!

If you want to add some sass and more excitement to the game, you can take a shot every time you fail. That's right ... losing is not an option! For more, take a look at our article DIY party games for adults.

Christmas game: the mission

Another of the best games for group dinners is, without a doubt, "the mission". In order to play this game correctly, everyone at the dinner table should know each other pretty well. Before starting dinner, you will be assigned a mission that needs to be achieved before the end of the Christmas dinner. The missions that are assigned need to however be kept secret throughout the dinner. When choosing missions we recommend having fun and using your imagination, here are a couple of examples:

• Get someone to give you money.
• Get someone to give you a kiss.
• Get someone to drink more than X drinks (even if they do not want to drink more).
• Getting someone to dance or sing.
• Getting someone to smell your armpit.

Think up the funniest and most daring missions and we can assure you that your Christmas dinner will end in laughter!

Besides rewarding whoever accomplishes the mission (as you want), you can also shake things up: if someone guesses the mission of another person, that person must do the mission accomplish themselves.

Fun Christmas Games To Play With Family - Christmas game: the mission

Christmas game: 30 seconds

This is also one of our favourites for a competitive Christmas dinner game!

How to play

  1. Everyone gets a piece of paper and needs to write 5 things on it. These "things can range from: movies to art to people to politicians. Again, use your imagination.
  2. Then, all papers should be put into a container and groups divided into 2 (depending on how many people are at the dinner table)
  3. You will need someone to time.
  4. Then, one person in each group needs to take a paper and are given 30 seconds to try explain (without saying the name on the paper) who is on the paper, or what. The other person must guess.
  5. Then, you count how many you got and how many you didn't.

We can guarantee this will end in lots of fun, competitiveness and laughter!

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Fun Christmas Games To Play With Family - Christmas game: 30 seconds

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