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Fun Christmas Games for Families

Fun Christmas Games for Families

When it comes to playing Christmas games, the more the merrier. The more people playing the game the more challenging; but also the more entertaining it can get. During the holidays, people gather together to celebrate. Grandparents spend time with their grandchildren and brothers reunite with their sisters. It isn’t uncommon to see people traveling across the country to meet with their loved ones. One of the best ways to spend the time together is by having some Christmas magical time. Children can be children and adults can for once become children again.

In this OneHowTo article we share several fun Christmas games for families.

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Build a snowman

If you happen to live in an area where it snows, you can take advantage by setting up a quick snowman competition. In groups or individually you can race to see who can build the best snowman of all of you. Choose a member of your family to be the judge and then set a timer to create your snowman. Make them as large as you want and add as many props to win a little advantage.

Pin the red nose

Rudolph the reindeer is famous for having a bright red nose that helps Santa Claus make his way when is dark outside. Adults and children will know where to point at when asked where is Rudolph’s red nose; however, if you are unable to see things may get tricky. Similarly, to pin the tail on the donkey game, you can use a cork-board to try and make family members pin Rudolph’s red nose when blindfolded.

Christmas charades

Charades is a popular party game where someone will act out a word or phrase for someone else to guess. Since it is Christmas you can customize it to include Christmas traditions and themes. For instance, you can use Christmas songs such as "Jingle Bells", Christmas movies such as "Elf" or just regular objects such as stockings. Make a list, then cut all the items into tiny pieces and place them inside a jar for each member to take out.

Christmas apple bobbing

Apples are not solely used for making delicious pie, they can also be used to play games. Apple bobbing is essentially filling up a large bucket of water and then placing some apples inside to float. The fun and tricky part of the game is trying to get them out using only your mouth. Since they float they will move side to side and you aren’t able to touch them with your hands to help you get them out. You can also use wrapped candy, which the children will love.

Toss a wreath

Toss a wreath is the Christmas version of toss the ring. You will need toss bases that you can find at any wooden store and then paint them in festive colors. You may use any similar looking objects that you have at home such as an umbrella or a plastic bottle. Then use your wreaths to toss them onto the stands. Make sure that you use old wreaths as you may not want to damage your family’s Christmas decorations.

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Fun Christmas Games for Families
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Fun Christmas Games for Families