Fun Christmas Activities to Do with Family

By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: January 20, 2017
Fun Christmas Activities to Do with Family

The kids are out of school on winter break and you may have taken a few days off from work to spend some quality time with your family during the holiday season. It is the time to take advantage and bond together as a family with some fun Christmas activities. Starting a Christmas tradition will make you look forward to having some fun family time at Christmas; as well as, creating new memories with your children. Whether you prefer to stay at home or brave the cold there are many activities to engage in with as a family.

In this OneHowTo article we are several fun Christmas activities to do with family.

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Make gingerbread houses

An all-time favorite holiday treat is gingerbread cookies. Entering the kitchen and smelling the cookies baking in the oven definitely reminds of Christmas. During this time of the year, it is common for families to spend a freezing December afternoon making a gingerbread house. You may start from scratch and bake all the gingerbread panels at home or buy an already baked set from the store.

The idea is to use icing to assemble the house walls and to adorn it using candy and frosting. You can have fun setting up a competition to see who builds and decorates the best gingerbread house.

Fun Christmas Activities to Do with Family - Make gingerbread houses

Christmas movie night

The iconic Friday movie night takes a spin during the holidays. It is the time to take out your favorite Christmas movie classics, bake some popcorn and cozy up with your family. Movies such as “White Christmas”, “Home Alone” or “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” never get old, and it is always a fun idea to watch them again together as a family. Many TV channels will set up several Christmas movie marathons so make sure to add the dates to your calendar.

Go ice skating or sledding

Even though it is cold outside, it is no excuse to not brave the outdoors. In fact, being active is a great way to warm up and also help burn extra calories from eating all the candy. During the winter months, many towns will set up Christmas ice rinks or sledding venues that become a beloved idea for adults and children. For a small price, you can spend an evening skating around the rink to the beat of the music or see your kids sled down the hill while taking a few pictures for your family memories.

Fun Christmas Activities to Do with Family - Go ice skating or sledding

Visit a Christmas concert

As common as it is to watch a Christmas movie, the same occurs for listening people sing Christmas carols live. There is nothing more authentic that lightens up your Christmas spirit than attending a Christmas concert and listening to a children choir belting out classic Christmas carols. If you are lucky to live in a big city, you may even learn of celebrities and other famous personalities taking up the stage accompanied by a live band and orchestra. This family-friendly Christmas activity tends to become sold out very quickly so make sure to buy your tickets early.


Fun Christmas Activities to Do with Family - Visit a Christmas concert

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Fun Christmas Activities to Do with Family
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Fun Christmas Activities to Do with Family

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